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plastic hex nut caps

Flange bolts are generally divided into single-headed bolts and studs, and now to be particularly about is a single-headed bolt, what is a single-headed nut, is one end of the nut is active, the other end of the nut is fixed, Fixed on the end is that people often say that the bolt head, bolts and nuts are one, the nut can not move, the thickness of thinner than the standard nut, no bolts exposed, this situation need to customize the bolt protection cap, Division I SDSW-1 Flat head series bolts and nuts protection caps, bolts and nuts rust cover, screw protective cover, nut protective cover, to prevent the bolt rust protection cap, reusable bolt nut protection cap, is designed to protect the bolt head, Bolt protection cap, nut protective cover, nut protective cover, nut sheathed, bolt anti-rust cover, nut protective cover of the inner wall with the nut hexagon can produce interference with the nut so that the nut can be effectively covered by butter, and maintenance As for the butter out of the protective cap.