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Corrosion Prevention Caps and Covers for Nuts Bolt


Bolts and nuts as fasteners, in the development of production has a very important role. Is widely used in railways, bridges, electricity, road administration, machinery and equipment, mining and other industries. For a long time, bolts and nuts on various facilities have long been exposed to the outside, wind and rain, and soon be oxidized and lead to rust, to a variety of facilities maintenance, maintenance brings a lot of inconvenience, especially after the corrosion, it is difficult Demolition, time and effort, resulting in great losses. The existing bolt and nut rust cover helps you to reduce this unnecessary loss.

Xiamen "Businessway" Anti-rust cover, also known as bolt and nut protection cap, bolt protective cover, nut dust cap, screw rust cap, etc., in its internal filling the amount of butter after the set of protective bolts and nuts, the bolts and nuts and air isolation , Can effectively prevent dust pollution and rain erosion, which is effective anti-rust bolts nuts solution.

Now the company's anti-rust cap is made of polyethylene material, with corrosion resistance, impact resistance, cold resistance. According to the long-term use of customers to reflect its use and performance in all aspects than PVC, silicone or general material high. I rust-proof company's model a wide range of colors, according to your actual needs to choose. Model reference standard is as follows:

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