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Xiamen Businessway Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006, Xiamen Businessway Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xiamen Xiangyu Free Trade Zone, which integrates R & D, design, production and operation. Is China's only professional production of bolts and nuts protective caps, bolts and nuts rust cover, flange protection belt manufacturers.

Xiamen Businessway product specifications and bolts and nuts specifications one by one correspondence, variety Qi, full specifications, high quality, color and more. Widely used in the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC, terminals, bridges, machinery and equipment, wind energy and electrical equipment and other industries supporting the products exported to Europe, the Middle East and other regions and long-term for the world's largest crane hanging (lifting capacity of 10,000 tons Level) equipment factory to provide products and services! Selling the world, the product of non-toxic environmental, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, resistant to strong acid, anti-corrosion effect is remarkable. According to the customer to sample the goods, prompt delivery, inexpensive high quality.

Xiamen Businessway is a market-oriented, adhere to technological innovation, access to independent intellectual property rights, patent 4, through the SGS testing, successively with the ho Weimar (Netherlands), Mai Jiake (Sweden) and other well-known global brands to establish long-term cooperation.

Xiamen Businessway adhering to the concept of "quality, technology and innovation", focusing on the research and development of bolts and nuts protection hood, with "rigorous, honest, heavy meaning, compliance" corporate image and new and old customers to carry out trade cooperation, and seek common development, With a good reputation, quality service and our customers for a better future.

The main products are as follows:

Plastic screw protection cover, plastic screw protective cover, plastic screw shield, nut protection cover, bolt protection cover, anchor bolt protection cover, plastic bolt protection cap, plastic nut protection cap, plastic bolt rust cover, plastic nut protective cover, (Bolts and nuts), our bolts and nuts are designed to protect the double nuts, single nuts, anchor bolts, bolts and nuts on the flange.

Xiamen Businessway has more than 50 technical team composed of experts from injection molding, mechanical, electronic control, electronics and other experts with over 20 years of experience in research and development of bolts and nuts. The core technology team, has introduced products to meet market demand, and continue to meet the needs of the market to improve the special features of the product to ensure that the Xiamen Businessway in the bolt and nuts in the industry's leading position.

Xiamen Businessway has advanced production equipment, superb production technology. In the production process, and constantly improve the production technology, the accumulation of work experience, the introduction of advanced technology and innovation. In particular, in the research and development, design products: the advantages of similar products in the international, for the actual situation of customers to improve innovation, comprehensive custom design services, the use of standard parts or new brand matching, rapid prototyping services; give full play aesthetic, easy installation, Protection effect is good, wide adaptability and so on.

At present, "Businessway" bolt and nut protective cover used in high-strength PP or PE materials are selected from home and abroad quality raw materials, through scientific and rational formula modified, with high strength toughness, impact resistance, Corrosive, strong acid and alkali resistance and excellent anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and other capabilities. Can be used in the outdoor perennial, the service life of up to five years.

Product structure with a reasonable interference fit and the mouth of the mouth-end dovetail groove (patent) design, so that the protective cover installed tightly on the bolt and nut, can effectively prevent the outside air and moisture into, you can achieve long-term protection screw So that it is not corroded. (SDA series) and road and bridge type (SDC series), road and bridge type according to the number of nuts are divided into SDC-S series and SDC-D (SDW series) series. (SDC series) and track type (SDA series) products are affixed with a super bright reflective strip, used in the bottom of the bridge guardrail, with the effect of beautifying the bridge, and the night driving has a good security protection; Bridge to add a beautiful landscape! Even in the rainy days or no lights at night driving, bolt anti-rust cover the outside of the reflective strip can also clearly show the outline of the bridge guardrail.

Note: PP fabric made of protective cover in outdoor public places, with good anti-theft performance, will not be easily removed, but also a high impact resistance, after the vehicle rolling, the shield will not damage. Suitable for municipal street lamps and bridge fence to use. PE material made of protective cover, with excellent cold resistance, can be perennial in minus 40 degrees Celsius low temperature area; suitable for offshore drilling platform bolts and nuts for protection.

Xiamen Businessway production base has more than 10,000 square meters production plant, with an annual output of 1 million bolts and nuts anti-rust cover production capacity, with bolts and nuts anti-rust cover injection molding workshop, mold assembly workshop, product packaging workshop, product testing and testing workshop. Companies in strict accordance with ISO quality control standards for fine production management to ensure that the quality of products in the controllable, traceable range, improve product quality and reliability.

Xiamen Businessway bolts and nuts on the anti-rust cover thousands of products, millions of applications, millions of inventory, to provide free samples, spot the next day delivery, to provide global distribution, low prices, thoughtful pre-sale service .

Company 'in the "customer first, integrity first" principle, with a number of enterprises to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. Warmly welcome all the friends come to visit, study, business negotiations. !